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Your source of Aircraft and Helicopter maintenance on the field.

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Factory Authorized Sales, Service and Parts

New Garden Aviation, LLC. is based at the New Garden Airport (N57) in Toughkenamon, Chester County, PA (about 20 miles southwest of Philadelphia). The airport serves a large general aviation community, maintenance facilities,Colonial Flying Corps Aviation Museum is located on the field no longer sponsors the Air Show. New Garden Aviation Enstrom Helicopter dealer, with sales, service and parts. As part of the vibrant General Aviation community the New Garden Airport hosts the : EAA Chapter 240 with their Chapter Hangar is a hub of activity. The Brandywine Soaring Association which is the best place around to learn about soaring and get involved in soaring.
N57 is located off U.S. Route 1 (Toughkenamon exit), south of Longwood Gardens and Kennett Square, PA, at 1235 Newark Road
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New Garden Airport

New Garden Airport

Toughkenamon, PA

The Colonial Flying Corp Museum no longer sponsors the Air Show

New Garden Flying Field as shown on 1969 Sectional Chart

A view of the local area in the beginning of the New Garden Flying Field
as shown on the February 1969 issue of the Washington Sectional Chart.
New Garden had only 2800 feet of Turf. It has not yet been accurately
surveyed to show the proper field elevation of 435 feet, not 445 feet.
You will note that the PA Route 1 by-pass just to our north only runs
from the east end of Kennett Square to the Rt 41 Exit. New Garden had
10 or more based aircraft in 1967 and had the official openning celebration
in June of 1968. The runway was paved in 1970 for a length of 3400 feet.
The runway was extended 295 feet to the east in 1988 for a total 3700 feet.

Other still surviving airports have changed. The West Chester Airport
now renamed The Brandywine Airport had only 2600 feet of Turf.

Lost airports include, first to go Oxford Airport, Oxford PA
lost due to PennDOT's new at the time regulation that prohibited
the transfer of Airport operating licenses without relicensing
the airport to the new 1984 Criteria.
Next to go was the Bridgeport Airport in Bridgeport NJ.
Lost to developemental pressures that were derailled due to discovery
of contamination from crop dusting operations causing superfund designation
which has prevented any use or reuse of the property.
Shannon Airport in Downingtown PA was lost due to family turmoil.
The Cecil County in Elkton MD was lost to developemental pressure
and now is a Gore Products site.
The New London Airport New London PA was lost due to to loss of the son
who had the most interest in continuing the operation of the airport.

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First roll out in 60 years, Gerry Schwam's 1929 Dehavilland DH60 Gypsy Moth -- May 2001

Fueling with some of the last 80 Octane AVGAS on the east coast - May 2001

Colonial Flying Corps Museum's 37th Annual Benefit Air Show

Sunday, June 14, 2009

From our show on Sunday, June 14, 2009

Past years Poster. Colonial Flying Corps Museum's 38th Annual Benefit Air Show

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NGA 2008

Past years Poster. Colonial Flying Corps Museum's 36th Annual Benefit Air Show

Colonial Flying Corps Museum's 35th Annual Benefit Air Show

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NGA 2006 poster                                             (Click for more info)
Past years Air Show
Colonial Flying Corps Museum's 34th Annual Benefit Air Show
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NGA 2005 poster                                             (Click for more info)
2004 Air Show
Colonial Flying Corps Museum's 33rd Annual Benefit Air Show
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NGA 2004 poster                                             (Click for more info)
June 2004

MAINTENANCE SHOP -- From an oil change to an engine change, New Garden has the facilities and experience to handle your single-engine or light twin maintenance

ENSTROM HELICOPTER -- Authorized Sales and Service

ROGER LEHNERT -- Retired, was one of the finest Piper J-3 Cub airshow pilots in the air today calls N57 home.
MATT CHAPMAN AEROBATICS -- Top-ranking aerobatic pilot on the U.S. National team is based at New Garden



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